How can I trace missing folders from the Personal Folders directory.

A friend of mine is running Microsoft Outlook. Under personal folders she had three subfolders which were named after three people from her family as they all shared the same PC. The incoming emails were set up so that the ones addressed to a certain member were directed to that members mail box (folder). Simple really and all was going well until she said she clicked a couple of things and came back a little while later and bang the three subfolders were gone. I had a look for her and when I highlighted the inbox folder and set view accounts in the inbox pane then they would show as the three names so you could drop down and read the messages but it seems to be all mixed up. Now she isn't that flash with computers and she may have given me the wrong info but how would she get thease folders to reappear under the personal folders directory again and if she has deleted them can she get the info back by looking for the .dbx file.
Cheers Roy - New Zealand
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burrcmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook Express has dbx, Outlook is pst. In OE it is easy to accidentally move a folder in the tree view so it moves inside another folder. Look for any folder with a + next to it. Open this folder. The missing items may be here. To put them back, drag the folder over "Local Folders" and release. This will return it to the proper position.

Chris B
war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:

DBX files are for Outlook Express.  You seem to be talking about Microsoft Outlook, personal folder.

Go to View and make sure user is not seeing a filtered view. She may be hiding the "missing" emails.

If no joy, reset the views. With Outlook close, go to Start > Run and type

outlook /cleanviews

and hit OK.

Hope this helps! war1
NZRoy, any update?
NZRoyAuthor Commented:
Yeah war1 looks like the files have been deleted and she doesn't seem to worried about getting them back now. She ran outlook like a messy house - One folder that hadn't vanished has 23000 emails in it, so I advised a little clean up would be the go. Brrcm tought me something and your help was cool so am going to do the big split.
Thanks for your help.
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