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power supply problems ML350G4

power connectors for HP ML350 G$ sata cage .
I am trying to add 2 sata cages to a ML350 G4 these are hp PART 390547-001

they seem however to have a propriatery connected i am wondering if there is a molex to this connector adapter available . I am not worried about power the server has a 700W PSU and is only drawing 300W so i have power to spare.

can anyone advise please.?
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I'm a bit confused, are you trying to fit them externally or something? There's only room for one cage and that's already fitted. PSU may well be 700W but I'm not sure it's got enough 12V power for 12 more disks.
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i am trying to fit them externally that is correct. any solution that will work will do it does not need to be neat i have run out of space you see. i am after banging in 1tb disks these typically seem to use about 12W so I think i can squeeze a few more in even 6 would be nice. already got dual xeon 3.4s and 8GB of RAM 6 10K scsi disks and 5 sata drives cant really imagine what all that extra power is for really. thanks
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do you think i would be able to get 4 of these sockets and make a splitter ? i am not too hot with electrical stuff. this is great i had called HP ( the server is still under warranty) but they had been no help. and looking in their part catalogue had drawn a blank also.
HP will just say buy a MSA60 enclosure plus P600 controller so it's supported.

You could always go to radio spares and see if you can recognise the plug in their catalog, they do lots of Molex connectors.
It is meant for supporting the business and the reliability and stability is the upmost concern. Don't try to do funny thing. If you need to add more power make sure you get HP original parts.
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