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We have for different domains now all going to one Exchange server 2003 SP2

Ok we have 4 domain names all pointing to one Exchnage server, using the recipeint policy we have added all the domains we have from to The primary address is

There are 4 in total, but when I send a test email to lets say it doesnt say that it has come through as that domain name, and when i send an email it always sends as the primary how do i send it from one of the other domains please.

Please help I'm pulling my hair out LOL ;-)
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you can change i for a single user but this is a permanent change

go to AD users and computers and change the email address on the general tab, this will be reflected on all outgoing emails and if you want toe change this then it will have to be done in the same way again.
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Ok I will look at this software guys and let you know thanks all b-_-d
Cheers for everything guys all good working now with that software :-)