increasing height of a form in vb 6.0

I want to increase height of a form in my vb 6.0 application, under the properties of this form I have 12000 for the height and if I change this number, the changes are rejected. Please help.
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Jai SConnect With a Mentor Tech ArchCommented:
you cannot increase the size for greater lengths...normally it is not advisable to increse the lengths of the form...
if you want a lengthy form...then add a picture box with scroll bars and move the controls accordingly...
AiyshaAuthor Commented:
picture box? I have controls, labels and textboxes and image boxes filling the entire form from top to bottom, how can I get these controls inside a picture box?
Probably that's all that will fit with your screen resolution.

Is there an error message?
Jai STech ArchCommented:
cut and paste may sound lousy using a picture box...
but you can make scrollable forms with picture box by poroperly handling it...
AiyshaAuthor Commented:
no there is none, it just doesnt look very userfreindly..
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