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Outlook-Task Contents Disappearing

Last Modified: 2008-03-28
Outlook 2003
Exchange 2003/2007

I have a problem with a user whereby text that has been entered into the body of an Outlook task disappears if any updates are made to it. we haven't been able to resolve yet any pattern to which tasks have text dissapearing or why.  It appears to be random at this stage.  It is unlikely due to user error, due to the following:
- The user is very anal about his work, and rarely makes such errors
- the system has been working fine, and this issue has only recently begun.

We also have terminal services setup, and the issue occurs when they login locally to a PC here in the office, or remotely via terminal services, which makes me think that the issue is not to do with the PC they login to.

This user does have a large mailbox - 7GB which makes me wonder whether they have a corrupt mailbox?  I haven't had experience with this before, so any help appreciated.

Obviously, I am keen to protect the data that he does have, and for the short term, he will still need to continue to use outlook in the manner he is accustomed to.

Any thoughts?
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Serena HsiMarketing Consultant

Does your user have another email viewer attached to Outlook, like a Blackberry or other PDA handheld?

Did you recently install or upgrade your anti-virus program?

Apply any security, XP, or Vista patches?

Are message filters being used, or are all the messages displaying? (in the Task display, select Customize Current View, and see if there are any applied filters)
Serena HsiMarketing Consultant

And, if your user started using Entourage, I don't believe that users can see or respond to task requests with it.


Thanks for the response.

We run BES and blackberry in the organisation - but this doesn't connect directly with his outlook.

XP patches are rolled out automatically via WSUS.

The issue is mainly with his tasks.  There have been instances where he saves information, and then goes back into the task later, and it is not there.

I don't believe there are any applied filters, but will check tomorrow at work.

A.V. performs automatic updates (AVG)

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