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I am using Windows XP SP2 professional. I am trying to open an Access file(mdb) from a network share, it prompts me error message, " Unknown Publisher", On pressing open button, it prompts "Microsoft Access can not open this file" This file located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site. Microsoft Access will not opne the file due to potential security problems. To open the file, copy it to your machine or an accessible network location.
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jvuzConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Start > Run > gpedit.msc. Go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Configuration > Attachment Manager. Enable the option "Inclusion list for low file types". Then add the .mdb file extension to the list.

You have to right-click on the file, view the
properties, and press the [Unblock] button in the lower right.  Then the
file will work.
Hewitt_GGN_ITS, any update?
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Hewitt_GGN_ITSAuthor Commented:
Your first solution seems to be the most appropriate in our case. Will share my findings soon with you. Additionaly, I have added the destination server(FQDN) under trusted site in Internet Explorer. Seems to resolve the issue. I will share if find something else on tthis...Thanks for your help, followup and attention to this issue.
Thank You.
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I ran into the same issue after running Windows Update on 7/18/2011 there were 14 updates. I could not determine which one caused the issue but this solution is a great work around
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