planning to learn vmware esx 3.0 need help regarding this

I am planning to learn vmware ESX 3.0 need some training material and related stuff, can some one help me in this.. where to get books to read, and how to learn it in a easier way.
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rvthostConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Great resource for information:

VMware Infrastructure 3 Online Library:

There are plenty of books if you Google or search Amazon for VMware ESX.  The best way, IMHO, is to read the documentation, download an eval, and start playing.  If it's in your budget, VMware holds some great training courses that run anywhere from  2- 5 days.
gurutcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not looking for points here, just want to offer my agreement with above post.  Download it and play with it.  Join the VMware community forums.  Take a class.

It all comes fairly easily with play and training, even though it looks like a mountain of unknown skills at the beginning.

Good Luck,
- gurutc
gkumaranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I usually refer Here I find the latest materials, and all are in PDF format. So, I take printouts and read. Because, back in India I was unable to find anything in the stores (in Chennai and Bangalore), and ordering from US online is a costier,

If you are planning for a VMWare certification, then the training is mandatory.
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