Deployment using Group Policy

I have created an installer file for an application to be deployed using Group Policy. I could get the application installed alright but although it is shown in Add/Remove programs and a directory for it is created in Program files folder but it is not shown in the start menu.
The application is only accessible from the start menu when installed from a CD and that is the only way to initiate the program because there are no file extensions associated with that particular program
I have tried to assign the application, publish it, but still it did not work.
The application

Any idea how can I make the application shown in the start menu?

Thanks very much.  
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whether or not it shows up in the start menu is a function of the installer package, not a function of group policy.  i think you may have created the installer package incorrectly.  did you save the installer project?  if so, go back and make sure that you told it to create icons in the start menu.
MTSDLAuthor Commented:
I am using Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Did you assign it or publish it - see
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
another simple guide -

Don't forget to run gpupdate /force to apply the policy
The setting may not apply until the PC is restarted and the user logs on
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