Automatically updating code-behind files in VS2005

I have a web user control called EditUserInfo.ascx that I'm working on in Visual Studio 2005. I added an <asp:TextBox id="company" runat="server"> to the page and an <asp:RequiredFieldValidator id="companyValidator" runat="server" ControlToValidate="company" ErrorMessage="error">. When I run the updated user control, the required field validator doesn't work, and I noticed that the code-behind file (EditUserInfo.ascx.cs) hasn't been changed even though I added two new controls. Does anybody know how I get VS to update the code-behind file? Thanks.
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CmdoProg2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Neither of the controls have any code to be placed in the code-behind file.
 Under the build Menu, use the Rebuild Solution option to force each page to be recompiled.

  I am not sure how the validator is not working. Are you missing Display="Dynamic|Static" attribute on the validator?   Does the control/page use validation groups?

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