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When you print in a Windows environment you typically invoke the print option screen of the associated printer - be that a Canon, Epson etc These options: print double-sided, black/colour etc are typically available (if supported) though you have to look for them which is obviously time consuming. I'm sure a small add-in application could be programmed that would make these options available as part of the initial print option screen thus facilitating ease-of-use for joe bloggs and hopefully saving thousands of wasted pages.

If there are several networked printers and they are different makes, eg: a couple of canons and 10 lexmarks then you'd likely need an option to choose your "nearest" printer and then proceed to select the various options that you suggest for that printer.

I wonder if someone could offer any help in conceiving how this type of application might work. I'm fairly sure the app would need to interface with each individual printer interface rather than just a common microsoft printing interface though I am not sure about this.

Is what I propose even possible?

Thanks for any help.
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b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
In most cases it won't be possible.  The ability to use this for different makers would make this even more difficult and less possible.

You would have to design your own "printer dialog" screen so this would have to be part of you Windows application.  It couldn't be something to replace the Windows printer dialog in all programs.  The printers would need to share a common language and set of commands.  For example you wanted to do this for all of your HP Laser printers which use PCL/PJL.  Even in that case you might have printer features that would need different coding or be unsupported but the common options would be available.  Other maker's printer might even be supported if they also supported the language.

Otherwise, especially with host based printers, the driver is essential.

Let me know how this helps or if you have a question.

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