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Computer will not turn on

baxleyb asked
Last Modified: 2008-01-09

A friend of mine has a PC that does not turn on at all.

Here are the details in her words:

"Someone uninstalled and then reinstalled all the applications due to a virus.  At that time, the computer was working fine.  All of a sudden the computer will not turn back on. The green light is flashing in the back of the CPU but that is all that is working.  The power supply has tested fine."

Here are the specs of the computer:

Compaq Presario
Model SR1030NX
Windows XP

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Flashing green light sound like a NIC indicator. If nothing else happens check the power - is it switched on at the wall? Is there a switch at the rear of the PC.
Check fuses. Open the box, any fans working?
If the fans don't turn on when you press the power button the power switch may be bad or may not be plugged into the motherboard securely.

Someone uninstalled and then reinstalled all the applications due to a virus<< oh dear lessons for that someone.

I would  try opening her system into safemode with networking, tap F8 continously
 do you see anything at all when you turn it on?
Not a problem with the monitor? Yellow light with monitor may indicate graphics card is not working.
Start the computer in VGA mode from the safemode advanced options.Use her video card drivers cd or mainboard cd to install drivers,m  if she has a fauulty PCI card remove it.
Any slaved hdd>> maybe faulty >> remove slaved hdd >> as it can prevent windows from booting.
Check monitor test with another.

do you have an xpcd? Her setup disc?
Boot into safemode then try the last known good config that worked its like an advanced system restore you find it under the choose from list where you see safemode.
otherwise choose the recovery console but set the bios to boot from xpcd first,
once it loads and you get to the part which windows to choose  in this CMD prompt type chkdsk /r  press enter
wait till it finishes completely.
Then type in fixboot C: press enter
REMOVE the xpcd now. change the boot order later to HDO first please.
Then in the cmd prompt type exit press enter it will reboot
but tap F8 continously as soon as you see the screen then choose last known good configuration that worked.
it will set that back and reboot by itself hopefully into windows.
Otherwise a repair re-install will fix it.
This not recovery,  if you want those steps  for a repair install let me know.
A repair re-install will damge the current profile files.

will not damage the current profiles should  state apologies mis typed oops.
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Hi Rindi,

Please give the points to Nobus since the power supply was the cause of the problem.


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