Object QA1ASDLO in library QTEMP not found

BRMS on the ISeries is not backing up Object QA1ASDLO in library QTEMP, it said it was not found.  Is there another reason why I'm getting this message other than it possible the file does not exist.  Alex
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tliottaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The simple answer is that _any_ object in library QTEMP may be "not found" at any time. There is no reason to expect BRMS to back anything up from QTEMP.

Other than this message, is there any indication that a backup run was affected? If so, can you please supply the message ID for the "not found" message? (If it's a printed joblog, the msgID should be shown. If it's an active joblog, you can move the cursor to the message text and press <F1> to see help info.)

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