SysFade taking 90% of resources. Scanned with AV/spy. NO NVIDIA. Ran system restore. Strange part. The entire network has no AV for a year. Install symantec AV 2003. 2 days later BAM.

why SysFade is taking 90% of my clients recources, thus preventing all programs to freeze. I seem to be seeing mim.exe being involved. I've scanned it in and out of its own hardware with every AV and spyware detector known to at least this man. There is no NVIDIA card. I have also run system restore back to a week before the incident.\ Now here is the part that really pisses me off. I am a network administrator, and for some reason over a year ago I set up this entire office with SBS 2003 and 4 XP pro workstations. I don't recall if I was drunk at the time, but I neglected to install any anti-virus whatsoever. While visiting 2 weeks ago on an unrelated issue, I realized my oversight. I immediatly told the client he would have to drop about 500 bucks for SAV server based edition and got it right in there. Four days later, 2 systems are screwed. Coincidence I don't know. Maybe its why mailing a letter with no zip code gets there faster. Could assholes be riding crap in on Live Update? Its 4 o'clock in the morning. I get paid by the hour, but these are nice folks. I really don't want to shut down there biz while I reformat there workstations tomorow. If any ones got a clue....please let me know. Bill Magill
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Submit suspect files to one or both of these web sites for online analysis:

Also check with Hijackthis and post the resulting log to and click "analyze" to see if anything obviously amiss.
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