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Good day, I have a situation, A client of mine, running exchange 2003, has three users that belong to a distribution group. They want these three users to send email as this group. So when they send email it should be from: Further to that they want to restrict the ability of the same three users to send or recieve any email externally that is not directed to the group account. They also need to keep their personal mailboxes for internal communications. I thought this a straightforward operation but I can not get this to work the way they want it, and am going to need some help.

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This could be tricky.

Sending as the group is not a problem. Grant the Send As permission on the Security tab of the Properties of the group.

The problem comes with the restriction. If you start restricting in bound and outbound email for the user accounts then you will probably stop them from receiving email on the group.

The solution I think would be to switch the group to a mailbox that all three users have the Full Mailbox Access and Send As permissions set.

You can then restrict access using my guide here:

If the users are going to send email mainly as the shared mailbox then I would set the shared mailbox as the primary mailbox in Outlook (ie configure it first) and open it as the second mailbox. Then use the From field to control which account the messages come from.

Another option would be some address re-writing.
You would need to use a third party tool for that - exclaimer has that option.
This would ensure that all outbound email these users send has its SMTP header rewritten so that it appears to come from the group SMTP address.
Internal email will remain unaffected.

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Okay - lets see if I can type this right the first time...
    Setup a user account and give an exchange box ( - Give the 3 people permission full access to this mailbox.
   You can either a: have them open the mailbox as part of there Outlook profile or b: setup a distribution group and forward all e-mail to this box to the individual accounts. A would be the best way to keep the "internal communcations" part the easiest.
   On there outlook setup so they see the from address line.  On the restrictions you can do that on each user accounts Mailbox settings, let me know if you need further information on that.
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