Outlook mailbox name suppression in print out

I want to print emails in outlook but do not want my mailbox name showing in the printout. Is there any way to suppress this?
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Serena HsiConnect With a Mentor Marketing ConsultantCommented:
Copy/Paste your text into Notepad, or other text editor, and print.

File / Save As, save your email as a text file, then print

You should be able to define a print style (page setup). The default one on Outlook tends to be "Memo" which prints all that stuff. You can define a new print style, and then select that for every message you want to print without the header and footer info. (most people have this option greyed out, you'll have to be the Outlook administrator to do this)

Create a new Outlook Profile with "Profile Name" of sSomething_generic". Do this by double-cllicking "Mail" in your control panel, then "Show Profiles", then "Add..." Choose this profile when you start Outlook. The "something_generic" will print, but at least it won't be your name.

There's no setting in Outlook to toggle or set this. There seem to be only work-around methods.

Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
The EE site may be laggy overall, you'll want to post this url:


Which is this question number to the community support lounge to have your points refunded since htis is a duplicate posting.
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