Stop roaming profiles over WAN

We have a multi site organization with users using roaming profiles to a server at the local site.  When a user is traveling and attempts to logon remotly, it is slow to load due to the wan link.  Does an option exist to only load the roaming profile if a user is at their home site?  We are using windows 2003 on all all servers.
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User slow link detection.

The administrator can specify the connection speed that determines a slow network when user profiles are being downloaded: 1. In Active Directory Users and Computers, right-click the site, domain, or organizational unit in which the Group Policy object (GPO) exists that will contain the policy for the connection speed, and then click Properties.
2. Click the Group Policy tab, click the appropriate GPO, and then click Edit.
3. To change the slow link detection speed for Windows 2000 when a user's roaming user profile is being downloaded, expand the Computer Configuration node and locate the Administrative Templates\System\Logon folder. Modify the Slow network connection timeout for user profiles policy. This policy uses two values, one in kbps for the TCP/IP slow network detection mechanism and one in ms (milliseconds) for the time to contact server. To disable slow link detection, use 0 (zero) for these values. By default, the connection speed is set to 500 (kbps) and the time is set to 120 (milliseconds).
4. Exit Active Directory Users and Computers.
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