Need server side rule for 1 user's outgoing mail

I need to setup a server based rule to BCC 100% of an individual users outgoing email. This is needed to satisfy a parent company's need to audit all communications for this individual. I already know how to do this on incoming emails, but need a solution for outgoing.
Thanks for you help!
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The journaling option outlined above will work. You will need to create a contact for the external address so that it can be selected. However journaling is set at the store level, so you need a separate store for just that user.

Otherwise you are looking at third party tools, such as Selective Journaling from

In the Mailbox Store properties you can "Archive all messages sent by mailboxes on this store" and then select the users mailbox you wish.

Hope this helps.
BCProsAuthor Commented:
Thank yuo for your reply.
However, to be clear, I need this to happen in real time, with no effort or oversight of me, the local Admin. The BCC address will be offsite to an entirely separate company.
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