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When you buy a web Flash Template how do you edit the text from the source code.  
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najhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well if it's an fla file - i guess it must be from how you're describing it, then yes - changing each frame is probably how you're meant to do it.

If you're totally new to flash it might be worth doing a couple of tutorials on how things like the timelines etc work so that you know about how to double-click into movie clip elements to get into the guts of them etc.

anyway it sounds like you're going the right way about tackling the challenge (with a beer). It's the recommended approach. if you're still struggling though, zip the file up and put it on a webserver somewhere and a member of this community can certainly guide you in the right direction with it.
If its the things i think you mean they tend to work either by having an XML file that you load in or some parameters that you set in the <PARAM> tags when you embed the flash movie into your website.
nwdemarcAuthor Commented:
Well after playing with it I can edit the text (words) in Macromedia flash MX pro but I have to do it by each frame... I seems to be alot of work.  I got the template from
I would think that there would be a better way of editing it.  

Still playing with it.  I might need a beer to hang with this.
nwdemarcAuthor Commented:
Well I see what you mean by edit each frame and timelines.  Here is the link to the server that has the files

I am working on another server to play with the files.  This is a learning curve that what I really do but working on OC 192 routers is not really that fun if you know what I mean.  I am done for the night I will update you tomorrow.

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