How to move all files/folder/sub folder from one place to another?

How to move all files/folder/sub folder from one place to another? resursivly
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logon as root..

mv origFolder locationFolder
to move folder and its subs: mv /pathtodir1 /pathtodir2
to copy folder and its subs: cp -r /pathtodir1 /pathtodir2
CalmSoulAuthor Commented:
I want to folder files/subfolder too in one shot

 mv /pathtodir1 /pathtodir2
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yes that'll do it. you are basically renaming the parent directory.
Kent OlsenData Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi CalmSoul,

The mv command will move the entire directory and it's subdirectories in a single shot.  If the target location is on the same device as the source location, mv will simple move a couple of directory pointers.  Many, many gigs worth of data moved in the blink of on eye.  :)     If the source and target directories are on different devices, mv will copy / delete so that from the user's standpoint everything is where it was intended.

As both previous posters have suggested, use mv /oldpath /newpath

Good Luck,

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calmsoul..   hope everything went ok man..  
If I want to move all subfolders from one folder to another then what command I need to give.
For Eg. I have a folder on c:\Test1 and in that I have many subfolders and I want to move all the subfolders to C:\Test2 but I don't want to move the Test1 folder (which is the parent folder).

Please suggest.

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