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We currently have a web filter in place and have users proxy through that. We need to be able to block all web traffic that does not come from the web filters IP address. We do have an cisco asa in place. Can avyone provide any insight.

Thank you
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QBRadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I did the same thing, pretty easy.  If all of your users point to the proxy, then when they pass through the proxy they should hit your firewall with the address from the proxy server.  So in the eyes of the firewall your proxy server is surfing the web and not your PCs.  So what i did was i created a rule in the firewall specifing that the proxy server could surf the web and then i block it for all other users.

access-list outgoing permit any 80
access-list outgoing deny any any 80

If you want you can add more permit statements if you want your pc or say servers to bypass the proxy.
jimseiwertAuthor Commented:
We have added those statements but it is not blocking web traffic for any users. Everything is still as it was before those statements were added.
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