How do I sync two Outlook 2003 calendars on one PDA?


I have a user who has a Dell Axim PDA running Windows Mobile and it is syncing with Outlook 2003 using Activesync 4.5 on a Windows XP machine.  In addition to her personal calendar she would like to sync her departmental public calendar.  How do I sync two calendars on one PDA?
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Mikal613Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you cannot sync 2 of anything. But you can sync different items from multiple sources
andersonjl2Author Commented:
Ok, thanks.  Would you know how I would be able to sync a public calendar instead of the person Outlook calendar?
The only way I know of would be a third party tool such as Add2Exchange from
Microsoft do not have any public folder sync option and never will - they keep trying to kill off public folders.

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