Transfer DHCP Leases from one server to another

How can I transfer DHCP Lease ownership from one server to another? If I deactivate the scope on server1 and activate the scope on server2, several of my workstations loose IP addresses, (The IP addresses are marked as Bad_Address becuse the PC already has that IP address). Is there a way to make this change without the users needign to reboot. Can the pc keep the same address?
This has happend with Windows Vista machines as well as Virtual PC's.
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smilerzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The tool also migrates the active leases in the migrated scopes.  BAD_ADDRESS usually will mean that the IP already exists on the network, but the DHCP server is aware of the active leases.
You can import and export DHCP scopes from one Windows box to another.
the process is described here (
EGroppSystem AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Yes. This describes how to migrate the database with the options and reservations. It does not however, address the Leases that have been obtained.
When I migrtate the scope, activate it on the new server and deactivate it on the old server, I get dozens of BAD_ADDRESS listings in the new scope. This (I think) is because the IP address is already in use by the machine that is requesting it. The new server does not know of the lease information from the old server. This is causing issues with machines getting a lease from the new server.
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