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nod32 blocks the alexa toolbar

On my system, xp sp2, i have Alexa Toolbar with IE 7 and my antiv-virus proggram is Nod32. When i try to connect any web site, Nod32 detect the alexa toolbar activity and it blocks  alexa tool bar and i can not use the tool bar. How can i configure Nod32 against the Alexa Tool Bar. Of course i want to use tool bar when Nod32 is running.

Thank you.
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Alexa is borderline spyware, although some would disagree.  You can read here and here for more info.  I couldn't find a way to configure Nod32 to ignore it but I'm not expert in Nod32.
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Thanks but this doesn't seem as a solution ...
Have you tried excluding the dll used by Alexa from being scanned by Nod32?
Firstly, nod32 doen't allow Alexa Toolbar application file (.exe) being downloaded. If i deactive Nod32, there is no prbolem, i can download exe file, but my computer is under risk as you guess. Later i re-active Nod32, but at this time,  Nod32 block alexa tool bar.

I read some articles about this, they say that alexa tool bar is in the spayware list on Nod32, because of that reason we can not solve this problem. But i try to find the solution if i can.

If you really interest this issue, please setup both proggramme (firstl Nod32 and later Alexa Tool Bar), and watch what happens

Thank you
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