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Access 2003 Runtime Error with Runtime - Function not available in expressions

Last Modified: 2008-12-17
Hi Folks,
Sometimes I just want to eat worms!
I am trying to use the Access 2003 runtime. I have a program that is
fully working in 2003 but when I install the runtime version onto a machine
that has no MS Access with  O/S Win 2000 installed, I have multiple errors.

error ---  "Function is not available in query expressions.
The function is format([event_date],"ddd")

This error occurs 30 times, as I used it alot in queries.

There are four other errors for simple functions I use in the 2003
program. Has anyone had similar errors or can anyone point me to a
site that is likely to look into Access 2003 Runtime bugs. Have tried
searching the Microsoft site without success. I cannot believe I am
the only one experiencing these problems.

Any help greatley appreciated

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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Application Developer
Top Expert 2007

*Typically* ... this error would occur if you do not have a reference to DAO ...  which is the case when you create a brand new mdb.  However, seems this should not be an issue with the RT.

IT Pro/Developer
Top Expert 2008
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DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Application Developer
Top Expert 2007


What was the exact resolution - per the possibilities mention in the KB ... for your case?



Oh man, has this one been a trip!
tks DatabaseMX but I did have a DAO reference already.
tks jpauline, you lead me down a path that really help out on this one.
The article you pointed  me to had a lot to sy about references. Like, uncheck them, Compile, do a Compact and repair, leave the program, reenter the program and reset the references. After I did this I still had problems, I put the references in a different order. Now I'm seeing light ! But the real deal came when I did NOT make a .mde and used the package wizard with the .mdb. Big Change. The code started runing a bit and then pooped out. It wanted some files it could not find. Don't ask me why, I though the wizard was supposed to add all necessay files.
In my case the files where MSADO27.tbl  --  MSOUTL.OLB  and MSWORD.olb. So, I simply added these files in the wizard setup (add files), set it to my newered PC and bingo. These files where in \WINNT\SYSTEM32.
I reckon it's a done deal. Let ya'all know how it goes in with the clients.
tks  fturner64119
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