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Get item from dataset with same column name


If i have a sql query that returns a datsset that looks like this

C1 C2 C3 C4 C4

how do i get the C4 when there are two columns with same name

For Each Row In ds.Tables(0).Rows
   strC1 = Row("C1").ToString
   strC2 = Row("C2").ToString
    strC3 = Row("C3").ToString
   strC4_1 = Row(" ???").ToString
    strC4_2 = Row(" ???").ToString
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ok, so i can't use the name then.
If you have the same name I don't know. You can maybe try C4_1 (not shure)
or is it possible to change the name on one og the columns when getting the data from the mysql server .
why they have the same name is because it's a join statment from two tables
>> is it possible to change the name on one og the columns
Yes, you can do:

SELECT C1,C2,C3,C4,C4 As MyColumn WHERE ...

Then use:
strC4_1 = Row("MyColumn").ToString

Thanks for the grade.