HP SIM Deployment

can someone tell me the main steps to set up SIM, I have readthe HP documentation but need an expert so that I can make sure I understaood a little bit of the process:

1- Configure SNMP string on the managed servers(I don't know if which type of string I need to use).
2-Install HP SIM in windows server
3-Run discovery systems to populate SIM with HP servers and devices
4-deploy HP Support pack to managed servers(I don't know If I need to install VCRepository on the network before I do that)

Are the steps described above enough to get HP SIM working?
Can you show me how to update the agent/firmware/updates regularly on the managed servers?


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65tdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When one installs the management station (SIM server) the VC repository will be installed on that server.  Set the global properties for snmp (may do this when SIM is installed, needs to be the same at managed servers)

The managed servers snmp settings need to be configured under the services snmp settings, security tab, set one as Read only, configure one as write as well.

Then select the Trap tab set the read string and destination IP or host name.

Agents can be deployed manually or pushed from the management station (more difficult).

Once things are up running ensure trust mode is enabled.
ok, so if the new server has been installed, can I just re-register the existing server with old HP SIM agent in it ?
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