HP 8150n displaying only asterisks on display screen

We have a HP LaserJet 8150n and are not able to print to it cause the display screen on the printer has asterisks all across it. Working fine before, but had a power outage over the weekend and not sure if that casued the problem. Already tried reseating the memory and formatter but still getting nothing different.
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nathana21Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ignore the printer model and just pay attention to this article....


most notably it says if you don't hear fans or feel anything coming out of them. it may be a dc controller issue.
noaitmenAuthor Commented:
The fan is working and ran the Engine Test and that passed but still getting the asterisks.
joedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the service manual
Power On Defects or Blank Display
If the engine test was successful, perform the following steps:
1. Reseat or replace the cable from the Control Panel that is connected to
J203 of the DC Controller PCA (see the main wiring diagram in the back
of the manual).
2. Replace the printer's Formatter PCA. See Formatter Assembly on
page 200 for instructions.
3. Replace the Control Panel assembly. See Control Panel on page 165
for instructions.
If the engine test was not successful, verify that there is no paper in the
paper path. Retry the engine test. If the engine test is still unsuccessful,
replace the DC Controller PCA. See PCA, DC Controller on page 211
for instructions.

Probably not the cable to control panel or the panel since your's actually is working. Most likely the formatter board.
noaitmenAuthor Commented:
Replaced the formatter and now everything works great, thanks for the help!
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