Local network share detection shoddy, but actual connection is fine. Windows XP.

Ok I've got 3 computers all running a variant of Windows XP. 2 of them are desktops running XP Pro and the third is a tablet running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition which is more or less like XP Pro.

Anywho I just reinstalled XP Pro on one of the desktops and have done very little to it aside from installing drivers and whatnot. However I can't see computers on my network and the Discoverer doesn't seem to be picking up any local shares despite the fact that they are there and open. Now if I manually enter in \\compname1 or \\compname2 it works just fine, but it won't discover them automatically.

A couple things to note:

I have a separate XP install on another partition that works just fine and was installed not too long before this latest one. In other words there is very little difference between the two installs and that one detects local shares just fine.

Secondly, the only thing I can think of that happened differently in the install process of the two was that I opened up Internet Explorer to get a driver before I had installed the ethernet driver. This caused a little network connection wizard to pop up, but I promptly dismissed it after I realized what was going on, so I don't think it made any substantial modifications, but I did flip through the first screen or two so I thought it might be worth a mention.
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ipconfig /all from both  XP partitions from a DOS window.
In addition, do a dump of the System info by using

winmsd - export a full report to a text file and compare.

Lots of good info there.

I hope this helps !
soydeedoAuthor Commented:
Well unfortunately [shouldn't it be fortunately? =P] after installing Visual Studio and its accompanying updates the problem seemed to right itself. Not sure what was installed during this process and VS was never installed on the other partition so I'm really curious what caused this behavior, but I guess 'till next time, eh?

Thanks for the response. =)
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