A client has a windows xp Symantec version loaded on his machine (Cant give a verson number im afraid)  I then get a problem as the user has upgraded to Vista on his machine. we are trying to load enterprise 10.2 but when we try to repair, remove or upgrade of the old XP version he just gets a message that says 'This version of Symantec does not support windows vista platforms.'

Any help woul dbe appreciated.  Thanks
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The only way forward now - as far as I can see - would be a manual removal of SCS/Symantec AV:

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The Norton Removal Tool is only for retail products - not enterprise products such as the corporate SCS and AV clients.
One other thing - you could try running NonAV (the corporate removal tool)

Then - proceed with a new install of 10.2.
Hope that you found a resolution.
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