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"Copy" or Install Outlook Macro from one computer to another

I have a few macros I wrote and use in Outlook 2003. I want to share them with my co-workers. What's the easiest in transfering them? Is there an easy way to make the 'install'? If so, can it include the button I created for them?
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David Lee
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Hello thelarster,

Expanding on David's answer...

1) If you have Visual Studio, create a COM add-in that you can districute to yur co-workers.  I have
never done this, so I cannot give you guidance on how.

2) If all of your code is in VBA modules and/or UserForms (I am *not* referring to Outlook forms
here), then as David suggests, export the modules/UserForms to files, send those files to your
co-workers, and explain to them how to import them into the VB Project.

If your code includes Outlook forms (*not* VBA UserForms), I cannot help you there.

As for your "button", it may be possible to use code to create tool bar/menu bar items to
activate the procedures in your code.  I do this frequently in Excel.  I have not done it
in Outlook, but it should work similarly.


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