Assign CRM service cases to a 'queue' automatically

I'm using MS CRM 3.0 SBE running on a SBS 2003 box. I need to find a way to create a workflow rule to automatically assign a new service case to a specific 'Queue' based on content. Is there an easy way to do this ?

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in your workflow rule

create a condition check (if...then...else) on the picklist value
have a check for each hardware and a seperate one for software

add an action for the hardware one. Route the hardware queue
repeat for software

publish and activate the rule

(haven't got crm in front of me at the moment so doing it from memory, some things may have slightly different names but should be recognizable)
depends really what you're checking for. if you're checking a picklist value then it should be pretty straight forward. if you want to check the description text for specific words you're best creating a workflow dll in .net. create a method that takes the description text and returns the id of the queue you want to route it to. or the dll could just do the routing.
j4jackAuthor Commented:
Hi rfqkev, it will be a picklist value - basically we have two 'queues', one 'software', the other 'hardware'. so If i pick an item that is 'hardware', i wish to route it to the 'site visit' queue. - Could you describe in detail how to achieve this ? - i'm not much of a .dll person :(
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