PSEXEC not running simultaneously on more than one machine

I am using PSEXEC utility to run certain programs remotely. e.g. I am running DEFRAG using PSEXEC. I want to run it on multiple machines AT A TIME but PSEXEC runs it on one machine at a time.

I type in
psexec //computer1, computer2, computer3 defrag c: /f /v

I want psexec to start defrag on all three machines but starts on only one of them. When it is done with the first one, then it goes on with the second one.

Is there any way I can run it simultaneously on three or more machines??
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smilerzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Correct -d tells psexec to not wait.
I believe the /d switch is what you need to use.

It tells psexec to not wait for the process to complete before moving on...
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