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SQL Server Management Studio (Express) how to make grid which results from SELECT query updateable?

When using SQL Server 2005 Express Management Studio I am able to update rows displayed in the grid when I use "Open" to view the contents of a table but not when I run a query such as "SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE MyColumn='ABC'". Is there a way to enable direct updating to the query result grid?
A work-around I've found is to click on the SQL button on the toolbar after opening the table and add a WHERE clause but I'd rather just get updatable result.
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I don't think the result pane is meant for that and I'm pretty sure what you want is not possible ...

Hope this helps ...
I'm sorry, but the query result set is static. You cannot edit it.
When you click "open table" to view the contents of the table, it will load every single row in the table.  It won't let you edit them until the contents of the table are 100% loaded.  Make sure it's not still "load row x of x" down in the bottom left corner.
oh my...I completely misread that...yeah the other guys are right.  You can't edit the results of a query.
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