How to access multiple Maildir Folders with Thunderbird

My hosting provider recently changed how IMAP email is stored.  I used to be stored all in one large inbox file, performace was really bad.

They have recently changed to What I think is Maildir formating, and it is much better.

However I have multiple mailboxes on my account that I check.  Prior to this I would create a link to mailbox2 in my main mail box by logging on with my shell account and navigating to my email account folder.  THen creating a link to the other mailbox folder ie.
   cd /home/user/mail/
    ln -s ../mailbox2/ mailbox2

Now since I have multiple folders in for mail, cur, tmp and new.  I can't seem to get this to work.  If I create a link to the parent folder as I had done before it doesn't work.  When I go subscribe to the folder, it does not list it.

Using Maildir and thunderbird, how can I access multiple email accounts with a single logon?

What I would like to see is something like the following, as it was before:

  |-- Mailbox2
  |-- Mailbox3

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Marc ZCommented:
Just set up another Account in TB and use the Global Inbox for each login that you need.  YOu could use TB's Filters to set up your
|-- Mailbox2
|-- Mailbox3

under the Inbox if you desire.
Marc ZCommented:

Any questions?  Did you run into any problems?
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