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I am trying to get a graphics pattern displayed on the screen from a DOS application to be printed.  It is an industrial application that controls a CNC punch press and the pattern of holes to be punced is displayed as a DOS full screen image in the program.  When I use 'Print Screen' and then view the clipboard it shows ASCII code only. I have tried to use software such as 'RobSoft Print Screen', 'Irfanview', 'SnagIt 8' but all these produce the same screen full of ASCII codes.  I need a real screen image 'picture' capture or some way of redirecting the screen output to a printer.
Does anyone have any solutions?
Thank you
Grant DunsmoreConsultantAsked:
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Hi GDunsmore

You could use a Virtual PC just install Dos and then run your program you can then capture the entire screen, using any of the tools suggested above.

VirtualPC 2007 Free -

Not sure if you can adapt it to your needs, but I use ScreenPrint32.  It has options to manually select the print area and location (file or printer), or set to automatically send the screen print to file or directly to a printer.

Or you can hit your Print Screen button on the keyboard.  Open Word, right click and select Paste.  This will paste a screen print to the Word doc.  You can print from there.
Bradley HaynesCommented:
Paint is handy. Paint is an application program
that is included with Windows under Accessories.
When you paste the DOS window, you get
the DOS display including the window frame. With
Paint, which is a bitmap editing program, you can
edit the image to remove the window frame. For
instance, you can use the Select rectangle, then copy
your selection and paste it into a new fi le. Notice
that you can reverse the image from the DOS screen
by selecting Image/Invert Colors.

also CaptureNPrint may be of value;
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Try pressing Alt-Enter to window the application then Alt-Printscreen to copy it to the clipboard.  Then Alt-Enter again to make it full screen.  You can then paste the image of that DOS window into any app. you fancy to print.

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
ScreenHunter will to the job and is free.
If all fails try using a digital camera they can take good photoes of your screen.
there is also cam studio use it for just a brief minute to capture your desktop then you may be able to snapshot the replay from cam studio saved file.
Pause the playback when snapshot used.

It saves  the capture in avi or flash includes producer to convert to flash and also has a player free too.
you may have to dis-able the direct draw from dxdiag if you expience  only a black screen.
quick download
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
FastStone have an option to send screen prints straight to printers:
 - a gorgeous little program.

The image can go straight to the printer, not to the clipboard.  

Note, if you view the clipboard directly, you're looking at a sort of global capture of the data.  The clipboard has no idea where the data will end up, so you may see more than you think you need.

For instance, copying from a web page will bring in html tags, images, and all sorts of gubbins to the clipboard.  But if you Paste to Notepad, all you get is the plain text as an outcome.  It's clever enough to keep the data you need within the constraints of the destination application.  This may be why you're seeing ASCII that you don't expect.  
hth, Danny

GDunsmore,  you have many suggestions offered, we will just be talking among ourselves soon if you dont let us know what works for you.

Grant DunsmoreConsultantAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay getting back to you all.  I'm a service tech and have been on the road so far this week. I am going through the suggestions now and so far have not been able to capture the DOS screen intact.  I downloaded and tried ScreenPrint32 and got the same results a normal Print Screen. There is nothing to paste into Paint and when I paste into NotePad it is an graphic screen of ASCII code. Maybe I need to load an extended ASCII driver ?

As far as using Alt-Enter to window the DOS session this dosen't work on the graphics screen that I'm trying to capture. It works on the DOS app menu screens up to the graphic one but not on the graphic image screen.

I am playing with the FastStone program now trying to send it directly to a printer.

If this doesn't work I may try a digital camera.

Regarding the Vitual PC I will have to check also.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I will check them all out until we have a solution.

Grant DunsmoreConsultantAuthor Commented:
The FastStone program also will not capture this screen or send it to the printer.  I downloaded and tried Cam Studio and it creates an avi but when I change over to the DOS screen and then back the DOS screen and ran the viewer the DOS screen is a black box. I disabled direct draw in dxdiag but same result.

The only thng working so far is the digital camera. It works but is a clunky solution to pass on to my clients.

I will try the Virtual PC route but won't be able to do this until tommorrow.
nothing to paste into Paint and when I paste into NotePad it is an graphic << graphic? yes it will be an image insta that what you want?
Old paint as in the start menue all programs accessories Paint? As i use paint Shop Pro its simply paste into the main panel but with the old winows version >> open the EDIT then paste
or paste into word
not notepad.

Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
hmmm, very odd.  Perhaps the app you have addresses the screen in a very unusual way.  Have you contacted the makers of the app to see what they can offer?  It seems as though what you want from the program is not unreasonable, so they may well have a solution on tap.  
thanks for updating us.  Danny
Grant DunsmoreConsultantAuthor Commented:
The main solution was to use MS Virtual PC 2007.  It allowed the DOS graphics image to be displayed full screen text mode in the virt window and then any Windows screen capture worked. The FastStone program worked well to capture only the active window and send it to the printer.
Thanks everyone for all your help.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
an interesting fix.  thanks for updating us, and glad faststone worked out.
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