Parellels + External NTS USB Hard Drive Issues

My boss has an NTFS formatted external hard drive. He bought a shiny new Macbook Pro w/ Parallels. We plugged in the external drive to pull off his photos, videos and tax info. Neither Windows or OS X would read the drive.

We plugged the drive back into a Dell XP desktop to pull off the files. Windows cannot see the drive, not even in the Logical Disk Manager.

What to do to avoid the boss' wrath?

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Is there any special driver for this particular enclosure. I assume  that when you plug it  in in the Dell that the "add hardware wizard" does not try to install it as new hardware.  I assume the device does not show up in device manager either. If it does have drivers I would reinstall  the newest version. Also, does it have firewire output? or just one usb out? I would try switching cables just in case the cable has gone bad if it is usb only. If it does have firewire, try it back in the mac and click on the Apple in the upper left corner then try more about this computer and then click on the firewire tree or usb if you havn't already tried this and see if the drive is recognized as a device on either tree. If you havn't tried it, I would also run disk utility-applications-utilities/disk utility. Also, is he running the new Parralles 3* version or is he runing a 2* version. As far as the Mac goes, 10.4.10 updates were supposed to fix some usb
issues but caused more for some people. If he is not at a 3* version then he should pay for the update as it has better hardware support. As for the MAC. If he is not at 10.4.10 update it. If he is, then download the manual dmg 10.4.10 update and reinstall that. Then let the auto update put in all fixes. Remember too that when you install an external drive with Parralels running MAc os X owns the Drive first. You are supposed to safely eject the drive icon by dragging  it to the trash. Then go to  the Parallels tools  menu(which he must have installed)and select the usb external drive selection from the dropdown to let Windows capture the drive. When you are done use the safely remove hardware icon on your lower right applications running menu. Did you get any error messages out of either os as you were trying them such as "the device was not put away properly" etc etc. My wive's usb drive went through a similar experience. I think it nearly had its mbr/mft hosed by her not following directions in switching drives before we upgraded to the 3* version. I was able to fix it becuase Disk Warrior 4(my most favorite MAC drive utility tool) found the drive and repaired everything and she has been good to go since then by doing the changeovers correctly. If all else fails, I would try pc based mbr/ mft utitlities on it. Finally, if you do fix it, I repartioned my wive's drive with three partitions:1   an emergancy boot partiton with minimal os to boot the MAC, 2, a fat 32 partiton for the Mac to read/write. 3, a n ntfs partition to keep Parallels happy. Good luck.
rjander77Author Commented:
The PC-related items you mentioned did not work, and to try the Mac-related items I need to wait for him to come back with his Mac, so I won't keep you waiting any longer.  I think what you listed was very thorough and I appreciate the help.  If none of this works, we're probably looking at professional data recovery services as a last resort.
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