Establishing an External Domain Trust

Domain A - Production - need to establish trust relationship with Domain B  - need to TEST ADMT tool to migrate users from Domain A to Domain B (Company is splitting).

Domain A - is W2000 Native domain, W2000 Forest
Domain B - is W2003 domain, W2000 Forest

Domain A - DNS Forwarding to Domain B - Domain B - DNS Forwarding to Domain A - nslookup resolves.
UserID used is DA and EA in both domains - even has same password (I like to keep it simple).

Get error that LSA is unable to obtain an RPC connection to the domain controller Please check that the name can be resolved and that the server is available.

Nslookup resolves the name fine.

Am I missing something else?
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i would say create a stub zone pointing to the other domain, which can fix the issue and then you can create the trusts properly.

Hope this helps
I would also create secondary zones in each domain pointing to the other domain.
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
hope the two domains donot have the same netbios name... cause if they do then the trust cannot be formed.
create secondary zones pointing to each other and enable zone transfers as mentioned by chuck williams...
I am having the same issue, but I have setup the forwarders between the two domains and I am unable to access the other domain. When I try to validate i get this message:

The Local Security Authority is unable to btain an RPC connection to the domain controller Xtranet.www.statewide.  Please check that the name can be resolved and that the server is available.
When I try to browse by the IP I get this message:

The system cannont find message text for message number 0x in the message file for \\xx.xx.xx.xx\.
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