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I have ESX 3 running on a lightweight HP server at home with 4 virtual machines; Two 2003 Servers, One Red Hat, One XP Pro.  Since this used to be my primary machine for home use, I need to use my laptop for everything now, including when I want to remotely connect to my virtual machines; whether that's through esx server's web console/vmware client or remote desktop.

Is there anyway I could console into one of those virtual machines directly from the ESX server itself so I don't need to remote desktop in anytime I want to work on one of the VMs?  Thanks!
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No, I think you highlighted all the ways you can access virtual machines:

- Web access to the ESX host and console to the VMs
- Virtual Center client
- Remote Desktop to the VM itself
I always use ESX in lieu of the other products, but since this is only a home setup, perhaps you should opt for VMware Server instead of ESX.  VMware Server is a hosted OS type virtualization, running on Windows instead of the ESX/Linux kernel.  That would give you a more usable server if you're always in front of that console.  Just a thought...
Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
You could also set up logmein free ( and access the desktop from anywhere in the Internet.  I use it to manage some clients servers and VMs.
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