Instal and configure the latest Oracle Discoverer on Windows 2003 environment

I want to install and configure Oracle Discoverer in a three tier structure, WebServer, App Server and DB Server  in a Windows 2003  (64Bit) environment. The Database Oracle is alreay there. I want to know what software and what version to Install on the Web Server and what software and what version to Install on the App Server. I want to have the latest Stable versions of Oracle Software. This is all Oracle Sofware on Windows 2003 (64Bit) environment.
Kamal AgnihotriAsked:
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Helena Markováprogrammer-analystCommented:
Oracle Discoverer is now a part of Oracle Developer Suite. It can be downloaded here:

Here is a certification matrix (from Oracle MetaLink):
Certify - Certification Matrix: Oracle Developer Suite on Microsoft Windows 2003 (x86)
Application Tier Certifications
OS      Product                         Server    Status     Addtl. Info.   Components   Other   Issues
2003  SP1+ 10g ( ) 10gR2     Certified  Yes               Yes                  Yes      None
2003  R2 10g ( )     10gR2     Certified  Yes               Yes                  Yes      None
2003  SP1+ 10g ( ) 10g         Certified  Yes               Yes                  Yes      None
2003  R2 10g ( )     10g         Certified   Yes              Yes                  Yes      None
2003  10g ( )          10g         Certified  None             Yes                 Yes      Yes

Application Server Information:
Oracle Developer Suite 10g is only certified to work with the corresponding version of Oracle Application Server 10g

I hope this can help you.
install oracle database as the part of pre-install. Or Discoverer 10g will automataically install oracle database,  Maybe you apply any patches before installing 10g discoverer it is depend of your system requirements.   later try stand up the database and use discoverer.

The best place to begin would be with the documenation library, available at

About Oracle Business Intelligence installations and OracleAS Infrastructures of the Oracle® Business Intelligence Discoverer Configuration Guide, 10g Release 2 ( for Microsoft Windows and Solaris Operating System (SPARC), B13918-03, available at

Oracle Application Server Quick Installation Guides.
For example, in the Oracle® Application Server Quick Installation Guide 10g Release 2 (10.1.2) for Microsoft Windows, Part No B15908-01, look at Ch 7 Installing Portal and Wireless or Business Intelligence and Forms Developer Topology (includes OracleAS Infrastructure), available at

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