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Exchange Won't Send or Receive Mail

I'm running SBS 2003 with Exchange SP2.  As of yesterday I can no longer send or receive mail through Exchange to my default domain.  I have mail to domain pointed at my server through DNS.  I have also been checking mail for domain via POP3.   Domain mail comes in fine.   Domain is sent from other mail systems but I never receive it in any of Exchange's mailboxes.   I've checked event logs and I'm not getting any error messages.

While not best practice, I don't always backup exchange on my personal server.  To manage storage I've gotten lazy and deleted the Exchange logs sometimes instead of backing the Information Store up.  Normally this hasn't been a problem.  But since I did it yesterday morning I haven't received any emails to domain  I must have been sloppy and deleted something I shouldn't have.  My information store appears to be intact.   Right now Exchange is not giving me any clues as to what's happening to the incoming mail.  I know the senders are not getting any delayed message notification.   The mail appears to be leaving their server fine.  OWA works too.  

Is there any way I can see what might be going on here.    If worst comes to worst I can go back to my last backup and restore the Information Store.  All critical email is stored in PST's too so I won't lose anything.   I'm more interested in understanding what might be going on w Exchange and resolving it if possible
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Yes I should be told off!   If this wasn't small and my own server I never would have done it, nor should I have!

Ok, more info.  It looks like the incoming messages aren't being received by Exchange at all.  They're timing out in the sent queue.

Outgoing messages are also sitting in the Exchange server's outbound queue.

Actually the problem wasn't from me at all.   Deleting the log files caused no problem.    Comcast decided to  block Port 25 on my broadband connection without mentioning it to me.    Once I was able to find an alternative the problem cleared.
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Cool glad you worked it out. Sorry for not responding earlier.