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mail dropped with internal error

Last Modified: 2008-09-26
Hi all,
My mail server start having mail with message saying (i change the ip for security reason).

Your mail> is dropped for internal error.

I had about 2 of these per day, and they are real emails from people that we know. The sender of these emails are all from different domain. I could not find any similarities from any of these dropped emails.

I'm using Centos 4 with postfix + amavis-new + clamav + spamassissan. Everything is working just fine before last week.

I turn on debugging for the amavis-new log and couldn't find any kind of error message, beside of them say MIME type error (but this is only for one of the dropped mail).

I have no idea where to look. I don't even know if this error message is cause by my mail server or from outside.

somebody please help

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To start with look at the postfix log for clues, /var/log/maillog you may find something in here.  Internal Error would be one of a hundred things...

Does the socket for clamav exist and have the correct permissions?
Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

permissions on dirs/files, specially for clamav
a filesystem that got full? maybe /var?


ah...it turns out to be the AV scanner on the firewall. It keep dropping email with attachments  with an AV engine error. Juniper had fail on me yet again.

Thanx for all the help guys



For those people who are having the same problem with their juniper firewall. I spoke with the juniper's engineer and they said just turn the AV fail-mode to permit traffic pass through. They don't really know why this is happening.


Has this problem been fixed? Has enyone knows if Juniper had find a solution to the problem?
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