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Netbeans webservice client for java 1.4.2

Using Netbeans 5.5.1. Trying to implement a client via java 1.4.2_07.

The project components will not let me add a web service client with a wsdl, netbeans tells me must be java 1.5. I know there must be a way to generate the artifacts but i cannot find it. I'm running in circles with wscompile. Please help, will answer any questions.
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right click on your project, tab Sources, source level: 1.4
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I don't think its is possible using Netbeans 5.5 with JDK 1.4.2 to generate the web service client.

as Netbeans 5.5 uses JAX_WS for client generation.

check this link

see "Setting Up Your Environment" in the above link. and click for netbeans 5.5 related details you can find that JDK 5 or 6 is required.

If you particularly want 1.4.2 web service client I suggest you to use axis with Eclipse WTP it will be a matter of minutes to create client using Eclipse WTP. 

and google for more on WTP if required.
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will check on the comments above; but:

Netbeans also has the capability to use JAX-RPC for web service clients. set one up with no problem. Just does not work with java 1.4.2.

Secondly, would it be possible to create the web service artifacts with WTP, then use those class files within my Netbeans without problems?
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Siva Prasanna Kumar
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I have no problem including the jar files,in fact the are already part of my project, im going to try that aaproach.

the other pdf link doen not seem relevant ( J2EE5)
Which server are you using for JEE5?
not using jee5,,

using JBOSS 3 server and java 1.4.2
not having luck,

using the wsdl2java tool, can generate classes, but coming out with an apparently common error:

WARNING: Unable to find required classes (javax.activation.DataHandler and javax.mail.internet.MimeMultipart).  Attachment support is disabled.

this doesnt stop the .java file from being generated,  nor does it stop me from putting them in my and and compiling them. But when the application runs a get an exception stating the same thing.