oracle shutdown Automatic

I just install Oracle 9i with Starter Database on windows 2003 and then create a new Oracle Database through command line. When I am shutdown the windows server 2003 my newly create Oracle database is shutdown Automatic
When I start again the windows the Default Oracle (Starter Database) is not shutdown Automatic
Both Oracle Services for newly Database and Starter Database is Start Automatic

How to fix it


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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the Admin Assistant to set your Startup/Shutdown options (Shutdown in this case)

Or modify the registry, find your database's entries and set ORA_SHUTDOWN to "true"

See the "Administrator's Guide for Windows" for more details
patmoliAuthor Commented:
Hi sdstuber:

Thanks for give a good hint
When i am looking in detail we need to set  entries in Windows Registry   ORA_SID_AUTOSTART = TRUE
as well (check SID is must be your New DB Name ) to Start the database Automatic
check Oracle Services as well

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