net use without prompting for user name or password

I have a client who has an Iomega Store Center Pro 150D. They have elected not to join it to their Microsoft Domain because of problems Iomega has had with this device and this option. The IP address of this device is

They have a share on this device named "scanned"

The user name and password to this share is:


If I type in the following:

net use i: \\\scanned

and press enter,

I get the normal Microsoft Message box to enter user name and password, as well as have the option to Click the Check box to "remember" the information.

I need to however be able to place this information in a script, so that everyone on the network has access to this share. This client does not want any security for the device. All users can have full permissions.

Can someone help me with the vbs script that will accomplish this. I have seen other snippets of script on this site and others that give me some ideas, but nothing has worked.
Rick RudolphAsked:
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Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Well if you want to use a net use command still you can just add the username and password:

net use i:\\\scanned /user:scanuser scanuser

If you want VBS here is an example with a username / password:

i.e. something like:

Option Explicit
Dim objNetwork, objPopUp

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "I:", "\\\scanned", "False", "scanuser","scanuser"


Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
Thanks for the points and grade.  

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