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Hello,  I'm having issues trying to view video from my home, i'm at work right now.  I bought some X10 cameras and use the Vangaurd software which they advertise as being able to work with company firewalls ect.  I've totally disabled McAfee and every other program.  I've disabled all MSIE security, still i'm unable to see any images.  Know I know a lot of people are going to say go to their support site and get support through them and I have but thier support hasn't been to helpful.  The ports for X10 are 8080 and 8888 (TCP).  Where can I see these ports they are talking about to make sure that they are open?  Remember I'm a normal user on the floor, not an admin so I don't have access to backend firewalls or anything like that but I do have administrative access on my computer.  Any suggestions are very much appreciated.


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r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry I was offline for a while.

Re. your setup, let's try to get it working as is. For me to connect to your camera would mean you'd have to post your login information here, which is not a good idea.

Can you post the following information:

(1) Are you successfully able to view the video from another computer at home? (i.e. is the problem only when you are trying from outside locations?)

(2) What exact model camera have you got? If you can post a link to their web page that describes the camera and software that will be even better. (Is this it: Is there an online instructions page for the Vanguard software?

I don't own an X10 camera myself, but from your description it seems like they have an on-board web server which displays the video/images on your web browser (e.g. IE).

Given that, it would help if you can describe a bit more about where exactly you're getting stuck. For example, are you able to connect to the X10 via Internet Explorer? I would try from another PC at home and make sure that works before trying from work.

If you did get things working from home, and now want to try from the office, you will need a couple of things:

(a) You will need your home router (dsl or cable modem) IP address. i.e. the external address as seen by the world. You can get this by visiting from a pc within your home network.

(b) You will need to forward ports 8080 and 8888 from your router to your camera's IP address. For this you need to know the IP address of the X10 (something like 192.168.x.x)

(c) You will need to make sure the home router's firewall is not blocking anything necessary. The simpler thing initially is to probably place the camera's IP within the router's DMZ. This is done via the router admin web page.

It might help if you can provide the exact model number of the router and what type of internet connection you have.
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
If I give you access to my home firewall which is 2wire at // do you think you can configure X10 to work from my Home PC which is actually the host PC to my work PC where I'll be viewing the images from.  

The way it works is like this.  On my home PC I go to, I log in there with my credentials and then click on Connect.  Next I open up the Vangaurd software which came with X10 on my PC.  I click the connect button here and then the images are trasmitted up to the browser where I have already logged in.

Next from the remote machine, I just go to, log in with my credentials and I can see the image in a web browser/active x type of thingy.  That's about it in a nutshell on how it works.  As I mentioned I'm using a 2Wire Router 3800HGV-B.  

On my work laptop, I've disabled all AV programs, popups and even reverted back to MSIE 6.0 from 7.0 in hopes of lightening the security a wee-bit.    I've also set as a trusted url within the browser and have set all default permissions to "Low."  

I don't mind you going in and looking at it, that's if your willing to.  


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itsmevicAuthor Commented:
I"m curious, is there a way to by-pass this issue at work?  Like maybe create an FTP server of some sort.  I know the X10 software supports FTP, I've just never set one up before.
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
Hello R-K,

    I'm able to view my camera at home fine with no problems.  In fact, I can launch the browser at and view it with no issues.  However, outside of my home I'm unable to view it.  Here is the model camera that I have:

    There are online instructions, in fact I've called their support on their 800 line but they aren't to helpful in my opinion or I'd have it up and running by now.  
you have to set your IP internally and forward ports 8080 and 8888 to it.  Also [what fixed my problem] right click in the middle of the video [on the machine that is running Vanguard] and select check for update.
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