How to copy a MySQL database into MSSQL 2005

What is the best method of importing a MySQL database into MS SQL 2005?  Is there a utility (free), or should I just manually re-create the database?  I dont care about the data, I just need the database structure copied over.
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Jai SConnect With a Mentor Tech ArchCommented:
exporting the database to SQL file will not really work...becos it has to be seen as what the DB holds...and i dont think the SYNTAX of MS and MYSQL are the same!!!

best is to use a tool or write your own custom tool which will generate the DB objects ...

if you still want to use a script file you have create scripts and modify them to suit MSSQL syntax...
Bradley HaynesCommented:
Export the database as a SQL file and import it into SQL Server. There is also a utility you can find on Google that does migrations. It is called SQL Way.
Bradley HaynesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using 'SQL Way' is the best method for migration between heterogeneous database platforms.
seanostephensAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

Thanks for your responses.  What about using the SQL server 2005 SSIS tool.  Is there anyway to dump a MySQL database say into a file and import it using the SSIS tool?  Or perhaps connect to it using some ODBC connector?

Bradley HaynesCommented:
The SSIS tool is a good way to go; here is a link to some resources:

IMHO it is rare that migration from MySQL to MSSQL products take place hence the lack of tools.
MySQL migration tools are focussed on import, is that arrogance or responding to the need?
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