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File list with attributes in vb6

Does anyone know how to setup a file list like you would see in windows that will show file attributes such as filename, path, date modified, date created, image dimensions, audio length  for example
Filename     Path                   date modified      date created     dimensions
my.jpg       c:\pictures          01/01/2001         12/31/2000      1200x1400
her.jpg      c:\pictures          01/01/2001          12/31/2000     800x600
my.mp3    c:\mp3s               09/09/2007         09/08/2000     12m 45s

layed out in a table that can be sorted by individual columns?  I'm trying to build a universal bulk renaming program with some other enhancements
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Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
perhaps a grid would be best and disable selection of some columns.

try the flexGrid.
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
it can be done in listbox also but I dont think it scrolls horizontally to enable viewing all data or user resize of column widths.


for the flexgrid method, you need to add your own sort routines.
heres an extract from my app that uses flexgrid to display data. it gets data from a dataset but could easily be file data

    fgdContacts.AddItem " Organisation" & vbTab & " Person" & vbTab & " Sets" & vbTab & " Method " & vbTab & "ID"
    fgdContacts.CellAlignment = flexAlignCenterCenter
    Do While Not rs_contact.EOF
        fgdContacts.AddItem rs_contact.Fields("Organisation") & vbTab & rs_contact.Fields("FirstName") & " " & rs_contact.Fields("LastName") & vbTab & "" & vbTab & "" & vbTab & rs_contact.Fields("PContactNo")
        fgdContacts.CellAlignment = flexAlignCenterCenter
        'fgdContacts.Tag = rs_contact.Fields("PContactNo")
        fgdContacts.FixedRows = 1


Look at the ListView Control, it has the column headers in which you can sort by clicking on the columns.
cpaulinskiAuthor Commented:
Thanks tward. I will check it out and see if I can get anything from it.
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