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Cisco 1800 Multiple IP's on the WAN (SSL Port mapping)

Hello we have a Cisco 1800 series. As we understand it, it has only Port 0 as the WAN port. We want to use Cisco VPN client to connect to the network. We understand that the VPN client uses SSL. However, we also have an IIS server on the otherside using the same SSL port 443 that we want todo port fowarding from the outside to that server.

I have 5 IPs available to me publicly. I have 1 physical port on the router. I want to route the same TCP port between 2 internal IP's. Can I assign more then 1 of the Public IPs to the same interface?

Internet <-> x.x.x.x <-> TCP Port 80
                     <-> TCP Port 80

Can I add an y.y.y.y IP to the same port? IS that the solution?

In general it seems to me that if we enable SSL on the Cisco client, we wont be able port foward to the IIS server on the internal network.

The question is 2 fold

1. Can you assign more then 1 IP to the WLAN port?
    a. If so ,then I should be able to Port foward from the addtional External IP to the SSL port, while mapping the other IP to the VPN Client
2. Change the VPN Client to not use SSL? or change the SSL Client Port?

Are there other solutions that I am missing?
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Thanks for the help. I knew I was not crazy.

BTW, is there some special command to add an additional IP address to the same interface? Its not obvious in the GUI interface.