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HP laserjet 1020 printing problem

Has anyone had any problems with a black line running down the far side of the first page printed from a HP laserjet 1020 printer? I am thinking it is a driver issue but I can only find one type of drive to download from HP's website, does anyone have any thoughts?
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it' only one file but it could be newer download it and install could solve your problem even if it's the same version
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Lines printing down a page are usually a hardware problem. Maybe the toner cartridge has a fault, or the fuser needs to be replaced. Sometimes just cleaning the printer by following the instructions can help too.
I agree with rindi.

When you say "the far side", does that mean the back of the page? In that case It's definitely not the driver, but more likely something like the fuser.

Even if the line is on the front, it's very unlikely to be the driver. In that case, the toner cartridge is also a suspect.
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Thank you for your postings, actually found out that it was a graphic in the document that was causing the problem.
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Actually, I'd just like to add that this is not a hardware issue, the black lines down the right hand side appear when you have a graphic on the document you are printing.

It is a driver issue, seems to be with the lastest drivers from HP. I have the same printer and the same problem. A common solution to this that uses more toner is to change the DPI to FastRes 1200 and tick the rotate box on page orintation.