Insert Flash movie into another flash movie?

I created two movies: a main Flash movie (500x500) and a mini Flash movie (25x25) that I want to insert into the main Flash movie.  How can I insert this mini Flash movie into my main one as a symbol or object? Basically I want to insert the 25x25px movie into the main one so the same way I insert an image into  the stage. The small swf will just stay still there and play its contents.
I tried to import the swf into my main movie, but it just creates another layer with a bunch of keyframes, and inserts many other symbols to my library. I want to be able to insert it as an object.

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>>The problem here is that I don't see the space I'm working with.<<
once there is content in the clip and it's on the main stage..double click it and you will go into the movieclip and all other content will be visible in the background.. so you can work in relation to the other content.

The other way to do the same to draw a square with the drawing tool on the main stage....delete the centre leaving the the outline..go  Modify/Convert to Symbol..and you will be inside the clip with all content on the main stage visible. Delete the outline when you're done.


make the stage of your mini movie 500x500
place the content on the stage where you want it to appear in the main movie
then in the main movie on frame 1
loadMovieNum("miniMovie.swf", 5); //5 is the level..can be any level
If you want to make it do something..say be invisible ..refer to it as
_level5._visible = false;

MyersAAuthor Commented:
Isn't there an easier way of doing this? Can't I just make the movie and insert it into another Flash movie like I do with images?

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MyersAAuthor Commented:
If I make the mini movie the same size as the main movie, and work upon that, then there really isn't a reason to create another movie. In the mini movie (that I'll need to increase to 500x500) I'll have to work around the space I won't be using, and that's what I wanted to avoid.

Isn't there a simple way of just inserting the smaller movie into a big movie?
Would I need to do this same thing if I decide to insert four 25x25 Flash movies into a a 50x50 stage?

the way to 'insert' a movie into another is to build it in the main movie in the first place.. Insert/New Symbol.. make your mini-movie..go back to the main timeline..then drag an instance to the stage from the library.
Seeing you have already built the swf outside of the main movie then the way to 'insert' it is to import it at runtime as I have described..or by making a target movieclip and using loadMovie
Think of the mini-movie as being on a sheet of acetate that you lay over the top of the main movie
a stage size the same as the main movie is so the mini-movie can be positioned where you want it..if you import it at the size it is now it will be stuck in the top-left corner by default.
To make four movies to fit on a 50x50 stage you just create 4 movie symbols..
as described in the first sentance.

MyersAAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your post (and your patience)...

I did what you suggested: I created a symbol ("movie clip") and I get a new timeline that I'll use to make my movie.  The problem here is that I don't see the space I'm working with.
Maybe I'm doing it the wrong way... this is what I want to do:
I have my main stage that's 400x100.  One half of the stage is for our logo (which will remain static), and the other half will show a bunch of different items (similar to a stock tracker that displays a quote and then slides off-screen).   I wanted to make a smaller "movie" because I'd know I'm only working on a 200px stage, so an item would slide into the 200px stage, stay there for about a sec, and then slide off the 200px stage.  I'd do this same thing with several different items and it'd be a continous loop.
Once this swf is done, I'd insert it into my main stage, and I'd know that the items being displayed would be confined to their 200px stage. So I have the item tracker on one half, and my logo in the other half.

Isn't there a better way of doing this?

Thanks again.
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